Riot City

Theme Song For The Motion Picture "Unlucky Plaza"

Riot CityRiot City is the first single from Ugly In The Morning's highly anticipated upcoming album and is the theme song for the motion picture "Unlucky Plaza" directed by Ken Kwek.
The movie opens 16 April in cinemas.

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Ugly In The Morning Self-titled (Album Cover)

Ugly In The Morning

Ugly In The Morning

The debut self-titled studio album released in 2004 (drums played by Boon Gee). Amazingly, the extremely disparate musical influences of each of the band members resulted in a strange yet pleasing musical brew that (hopefully) the band could call their own; cramming funk rhythms together with layers of blues, jazz, R&B, rock, punk, folk and even country into a bubbling cauldron of boiling rock catalysts, resulting in an aphrodisiacal brew called Ugly In The Morning.

1. East Of Freedom
2. Diamond
3. On And On
4. Wooden Dog
5. Copper
6. Pastor Pete
7. A Week (Instrumental)
8. Stupid 'A' Song
9. Carpets

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For, Nikette Frehley (Album Cover)

For, Nikette Frehley

Ugly In The Morning

The eagerly-anticipated second studio album was launched in 2009 with a concert at the Singapore Art Museum. The sophomore effort sees the band's sound becoming more defined and focused. While heavier and not as light or tongue-in-cheek as the first album, it reflects a conscious shift in attitude towards 'song', rather than 'jam'. It also displays a move away from being clever to being meaningful. It deals with matters of the heart (again), and hopefully speaks to you, the listener (in a mildly boozy, slurred but intimate whisper in your ear), about hope, loss, direction and drift, love, redemption, cigarettes and alcohol.

01. Something's Going Down
02. Carousel
03. Me, Not Humphrey At 23
04. Hellos, Goodbyes
05. In Your Shadow
06. Skank
07. Honey
08. In The Park
09. Hey Hey
10. Another Day
11. Shallow Grave
12. Nikette's Dream
13. The Same Difference

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Rock In Asia

Various Artists

Rock In Asia (Album Cover)A groundbreaking collection of original rock songs from Japan, China, Singapore, India and other Asian lands.

Featured Artists
Ugly In The Morning, Zettaimu, Seven Collar T-Shirt, The Ocean Band, Microwave, Typecast, Pete Teo, Adenosine Tri Phosphate, Pentagram, ST12, The Old Kings, Rita Lestariani, Swackhammer, Suzuki Band, Names Are For Tombstones, Hang Tian, The Curtis King Band.


Various Artists

PLAYspeak (Album Cover)A compilation of the new wave of music Big Brother will not tell you about. 13 original songs in various languages in the "CD Extra" format (Flash Player required).

Featured Artists
Ugly In The Morning, Killer Soap, LGF, Victor, Sajid And The Lost Boys, ah5ive, Masquer, La'Dies, Crazimalz, The Dreaming Punk, In Each Hand A Cutlass, Jeremy Fernando And The Enigmatic Army.

For Good!

Various Artists

For Good! (Album Cover)Over 65 minutes of unreleased material from 14 bands! All proceeds go to Music For Good, a charity organisation which aids disadvantaged children and youths-at-risk through a variety of music programs.

Featured Artists
Ugly In The Morning, The Observatory, Camra, Stoned Revivals, Electrico, MUON, B-Quartet, Lunarin, TypeWriter, Elise, Astreal, Phorous, The Love Experiment, Documentary In Amber.

Smells Like Indie Spirit, Vol. One

Various Artists

Smells Like Indie Spirit, Vol. One (Album Cover)A compilation of 30 explosive songs from the hottest local acts. Included in Lime Magazine (March 08 Issue).

Featured Artists
Ugly In The Morning, Allura, Astroninja, Bad Obsession, B-Quartet, Caracal, Destroy All Monsters, Flybar, Meza Virs, Oshiego, Peepshow, The Jabs, The Full Pledge Munkees, Summer's Over, West Grand Boulevard, and more.


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